About Mums@Work

LOGO_WithwordsMums@Work is the organizer of Mama’s Bazaar & Family Fun Weekend.

Mums@Work is a social enterprise that strives to help women find the perfect balance between being a mum and working. Our aim is to make known the flexible work solutions available for mothers, provide a portal for Mumpreneurs to list their services, list volunteer opportunities and also to provide workshops and events needed for such roles. We recognize the desire of many mothers to marry their professional experience with their shift in priorities upon the inclusion of new family members. Therefore, our main mission is to be a point of information source for mothers who want to work flexi-time or run their own Mumpreneur business so as to have sufficient time for family as well.

To date, Mums@Work (Singapore) has more than 8000 member-mums and has successfully listed more than 900 flexi-work arrangement jobs (for professionals and executives), since it started in 2010. We hold numerous events every month, with our annual career fair and ‘Start a Mumpreneur Business Workshop’ being the most popular. In addition, we also run bi-monthly Mumpreneur networking Tea/ Brunches and various workshops.

Find out more about us:
Website: www.mumsatwork.net
Blog: http://mumsatwork.net/blog/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mumsatworksingapore
Email: [email protected]